Welcome to the Abhyasam Defence Group

The Abhyasam Defence Group is one of the best and most results-driven organisations in India for military schools, the Sainik School, the RIMC, and the NDA. Anyone who wants to join the Sainik, military, or military college can come to our coaching classes.

Our team will help students get into Sainik/Military Schools RIMC and NDA by giving them high-quality, results-driven coaching lessons.

Our Vision

We think that when the kid does well, we do well. Dedication, dedication, hard work, and excellence are the things that hold us up. We want to give our kids the best environment, the most dedicated teachers, and the best education possible. Not only do they work on schoolwork, but our teachers also try to encourage kids at every step of the way. Our goal is to turn out well-behaved soldiers and become the school that Sainik School, Military School, and RIMC Dehradun send their students to.

Our Mission

The goal of our organisation is to give cadets a great place to learn and grow while they are getting ready for their bright future. The goal is to teach young cadets how to overcome any problem and take on new tasks in their future work. The Abhyasam Defence Group’s main goal is to help children reach their full potential. Our goal is to turn thousands of young cadets into officers who will serve the country, make our country happy, and improve its defence.

Director Desk

ER. Sunil Soni( M.Tech)

At Abhyasam Defence Group, I and my team are dedicated to make you stand in pursuit of excellence. We expertise skill in each one of you so that you excel in your respective competitive exam and you are able to live your dreams in reality. Honestly, Hardwork and dedication are the founding pillars of our organization.