Military school admission

Military School Admission – You can enroll in military school if you wish to send your kids to the Army or Air Force. In this case, there is a chance for parents who desire for their child to attend a military school or for students who are eager to do so. Actually, the application process for admission to the sixth and ninth grades at the five Rashtriya Military Schools around the nation is set to begin.

Children are trained for military duty at these Defence Ministry-run schools. This place only admits boys. It is easier for former military school students to find employment in the future.

The age of the candidate applying should be within the prescribed limit. For students taking admission in 6th, the age should be between 10-12 years. Whereas, to take 9th admission, the age should be between 13-15 years. Age will be calculated considering 31st March as the basis. Admission will be given on the basis of this age only.

What are military schools, and why is it so hard to get into one?

The Central Defence Ministry is in charge of military schools. The nation has been operating these schools since 1952. King Gorge’s Royal Indian Military School was its previous name. It was subsequently renamed Rashtriya Military School. The majority of youngsters whose parents were enlisted into the army are admitted here. They’ve made reservations as well. Consequently, it is challenging for the remaining students to be admitted.

Military Schools in India

The admissions procedure for the Rashtriya Military School, which has campuses in Bangalore (Karnataka), Ajmer (Rajasthan), Dholpur (Rajasthan), and Chail (Himachal Pradesh), is ready to begin. Students should use caution if they wish to be admitted. The application period is open from June or July through October. Students who are interested in applying must go to, the official website.

How does military school selection work?

It is necessary to pass the entrance exam in order to be admitted to both classes. A merit list will be created based on the scores received in the written test. Those selected on the merit list will be admitted. Remember that youngsters from households with former service members or those in the armed forces also receive reservations during this process. You may find out the entrance exam syllabus on the official website.

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